wismanHV launchedhigh-voltage power coil TESTERS
Time:2008-04-18    Author:    Hits:466

  China's high-voltage power Xianyang wisman Limited, 2008.4.1 in Xianyang Released: research and development for the production of high-voltage power coil inter-turn pressure tester.


 1. This instrument is the principle of using Q table of high pressure to produce high- frequency coil of the various layers of pressure, the noise tests.

2. Specifications 
     2.1 testing frequency 50 KHz-150KHz (manually adjustable) 
     2.2 resonance generated voltage peak voltage 0-5 KV (manual switching) 
     2.3 Test inductance 200Uh-20mH 
     2.4 Since the contents school inductance 2mH 
     2.5 supply voltage AC220V 50Hz 1200W 
     2.6 Dimensions 440 (H) × 500 (W) × 580 (D) mm 
     50 Kg weight of about 2.7

3. Structure 
         Is the original meaning by the following components: (instrument is the desktop) 
         Oscillator, AM amplifier, output modules, the output resonanceunit,power unit,FM amplifier, high-pressure indicator, corona discharge amplifier, corona     discharge indicator, automatic - manual selection, matching the output choice.

4. Circuit 
     4.1 oscillation test voltage-controlled side oscillation (VC0) circuit 
     4.2 oscillation frequency of 50 KHz (manual adjustment) 
     4.3 output to try complementary circuit (full-transistor) 
     4.4 output 1000W 
     4.5 corona discharge detector sensors 
     4.6 output matching manually select eight tap switch