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Talent Strategy

  Wisman since was established gracefully has been full of the energy, has filled with the vitality, pays great attention “humanist, the respect individuality”, during respect individuality, advocates “the cooperation and the exchange” throughout the team spirit. To realize the enterprise and staff's communal development truly, the company optimizes the human resources unceasingly the disposition. In order to coordinate company's development, trains each kind of talented person gracefully for the company, Wisman develops own training plan system unceasingly, causes the internal staff through each kind of training, improves own quality, the company “gos on duty, the wise takes office the principle by those who are able”, each staffs have the opportunity to enter the management echelon, enables the staff to do, can think that to dare to do, to dare to think, guaranteed the whole staff quality promotes with steadysteps.
  We respect the staff, hoped that through own unceasing endeavor, makes the contribution for the power source profession. We insisted that “the whole staff participates, whole staff to interact, the whole staff serves” the user-friendly management pattern, receives “appoints people on merit, the achievement for first, the opportunity infinite” personnel mechanism. We have provided one kind of equality, the harmonious working conditions for each staffs and unfold individual talent the good stage. We already pay great attention the non-efficient drive way, like achievements appraisal system, self-development, work flexibility, promotion opportunity, praise and affirmation, exchange opportunity and so on, also pays great attention the efficient drive ways, just like a slang cloud “only then and not wealth must only then also”, therefore, the consummation wages system, the bonus and other related welfare treatment, all becomes us to drive talented person's way, is also the company attracts the talented person, to detain talented person's key aspect. talented person's strategy plans, we insisted that in " outside directs nurtures " the strategic concept. Specifically speaking, in the introduction of talent aspect, we acts according to the company long and short term strategic target, works out the corresponding long and short term personnel plan, and is different according to the personnel post, draws up the post responsibility request, introduces the high quality according to the request the talented person; We carry on the skill education, the enterprise culture education unceasingly to the staff, causes the enterprise value idea penetration throughout, causes the staff maintains highly consistent in the understanding with the company; While teaches the specialized knowledge to the staff, we also pay great attention to help the staff to improve the overall quality, enables the staff manager the full display. 
  We must exhaust ability, person suitable its, position suitable its person. 
  We want: Humanist, unceasing pursue innovation. 
  We respect each staff, we feel proud take the body as Wisman graceful one, because of has you, but is more formidable, because has you to be more self-confident. 
We encourage and urge each staffs to use our high expectation to tow itself, the high standard to request itself, the challenging to drive itself, graceful altogether struggles with Wisman, with the growth. 
  We must train the outstanding staff, self-confident, self-respect, striving to improve; Honest, practical, is unceasingly enterprising.
  We advocate the country and the company with in; Enterprise and family with in; Individual and collective with in; Competition and unity with in; Practical and innovation with in; Criticism and self-criticism with in. 
  We esteem, the staff and the enterprise same glory altogether shame, with enters altogether draws back.

  Wisman is graceful, in the short time can obtain industry in and the general customer's high praise, the company can the rapid development, depends on spirit of cooperation of without a gap all staff and diligently the unremitting struggle, presently invites your alliance, lets us the graceful enterprise create the magnificent chapter again hand in hand for Wisman!