High Voltage Power Supply's Passive Components Will Grow at a Rate of About 20% in China
Time:2002-08-16    Author:    Hits:742

The rapid development of China's electronics manufacturing industry has prompted China to become a major consumer of electronic components, including passive components. 

Driven by emerging markets such as digital TV, 3G communications, and automotive electronics, it is expected that China's passive component market will grow at an average annual rate of about 20% in the next few years. China has also become a major producer of passive components, and many products have ranked first in terms of output. meanwhile, the domestic components still have a certain gap in technology and quality from the advanced level, and they cannot adapt to the high-end product market. Many high-performance passive components still needs importing.

Towards 2003, the expansion of production of HDDs, digital cameras, LCD TVs, mobile phones and other products have exceeded the general expected size, and the demand for passive components has also been continuously expanded by the traction of this trend. Under such industrial background, all passive component manufacturers are actively investing in large-scale production. This development trend will be lasted for years.

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