Wisman High Voltage Power Supply is Shortlisted for Tsinghua Science Park Diamond Project
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Xianyang Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co., Ltd. was shortlisted for the 2010 Tsinghua Science and Technology Park Diamond Project. The early shortlisted companies are: China Wanwang, Jiangsu Tianrui Instrument and other companies. Wisman became the only shortlisted enterprise in the high-voltage power supply industry, and became one of the ten "diamonds" in the innovation map of Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, exuding a unique light and charm. 

In 2006, Tsinghua Science and Technology Park officially launched the "Diamond Project" aimed at cultivating the rapid growth of high-tech enterprises. In the five years from Tsinghua University ’s 100-year history, from 2006 to 2011, Tsinghua Science and Technology Park will integrate resources from all sectors of society to give priority to the 20 preferred companies with core technology and strategic importance to the national economy. Support and help it grow rapidly. In 5 years, Tsinghua Science and Technology Park hopes to cultivate 3-5 "diamond" enterprises with world-class technology and advanced industry status through the "Diamond Project", thereby making positive contributions to promoting the pace of national independent innovation. At the beginning of the diamond plan, Tsinghua Science and Technology Park regarded independent innovation as the primary condition for "diamonds": It has a strong and sustainable independent innovation capability, and has complete independent intellectual property rights in its technology and product fields. In addition, the products and technologies developed by the enterprise not only have a good and huge market, but also have important strategic significance to the country; it is a leading enterprise in the industry and a leader in the industry; it has a strong combination of industry, education and research It has a deep interactive relationship with the scientific and technological achievements of the university; it is a company with high growth and high return on investment. After a series of efficient and rigorous operations such as application, preliminary review, interview, and review for half a year, and active negotiation with partners, the "Diamond Project" has entered a substantive struggle from the incubation of dreams. After repeated deliberation and inspection, the eight finalists of the "Diamond Project" in 2010 were finally born.

"First", "core technology", "filling the gaps in the country" . became the common characteristics of these eight "diamond" enterprises. Wisman has an excellent high-voltage power supply R & D team, complete high-voltage power supply R & D software and test software. Advanced high-voltage insulation technology and perfect zero-current resonance technology keep our high-voltage power supply always maintaining high stability, low ripple, low electromagnetic interference, small size, low loss, high efficiency and long life. Wisman has become a trusted supplier in the medical, industrial, and scientific fields.      

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