Wisman High Voltage Power Supply was invited to participate in the 2020 National Conference on High Voltage & Discharge Plasmas.
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The 3rd National Conference of High Voltage and Dischage Plasmas was hold in Harbin on 23rd October,2020.


Wisman high voltage power supply was invited to participate this conference. An active display platform was provided to the scientists and enterprises engaged in research on high voltage and discharge plasmas. All the participants exchanged views on the subject of high vlotage and discharge plasmas in facing the frontiers of world science and technology and economy market.The main progress, important achievements and new discipline growth points in the research and application of the people’s life and health are in response to the country’s major needs.


While promoting the cross-application of discharge plasmas in different disciplines promotes the exchange and integration of the academic and business circles in the field of high voltage and discharge plasmas, creating a golden opportunity for the further application of discharge plasmas technology and industrial development.

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