Congratulations---Wisman High Voltage Power Supply's R&D Base Moved to Wisman Science and Technology Park
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Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co., Ltd's Production and R&D base was moved to Wisman Science and Technology Park On November 8, 2020.

The new site is located south of Kangding Road and west of Tongwen Road, Xixian New District, China. Mrs Anna, Global Sales Director of Xi’an Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co., Ltd. said: “Wisman’s new base marks that Wisman will better serve customers around the world. We will also produce solid insulation high voltage power supplies, gas-insulated high voltage power supplies and oil-insulated high voltage power supplies. The production capacity will be increased by ten times than before. All-digital information intelligent measuring and control system, fully automatic insulation packaging equipment and automatic SMT production line improved production efficiency and products reliability greatly.


                                                         Photo of Wisman’s Reginal Sales Managers


                                                        Xi'an Wisman Science and Technology Park

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