Wisman High Voltage Power Supply was Invited to Participate in the 4th National Conference on Complex Electromagnetic Environment Technology and Application.
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Wisman High Voltage Power Supply was invited to participate in the complex radiation field technology and application professional committee of the Chinese Academy of Ordnance on April 27th to 29th, 2021. The State Key Laboratory of Complex Electromagnetic Environment Effects of Electronic Information Systems, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Technology Key Laboratory, National Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Environment Effects and Key Laboratory of Electronic Testing Technology hosted the 4th National Conference on Complex Electromagnetic Environment Technology and Application in Hangzhou. 

Through this conference, the academic exchanges of Chinese complex electromagnetic environment research have been strengthened, the research horizons of scientific researchers have been expanded, the academic atmosphere has been active. The development of Chinese complex electromagnetic environment and related technologies has been promoted. Taking this opportunity, Wisman High-Voltage Power Supply’s sales elites participated in the exhibition,they brought their self-developed products with them at the same time. Demonstrated Wisman's mature high-voltage power supply products and solutions to the participants, and communicated the related technical issues of high-voltage power supply.


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