Nanoknife DC High Voltage Power Supply, Nanoknife HV Pulse Ablation Steep Pulse Ablation.
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Nanoknife, a new tumor ablation technology, has achieved significant results in the treatment of tumors in the pancreas, prostate and other parts by virtue of its advantages of minimally invasive, targeted therapy and non-thermal ablation. The principle of Nanoknife is based on the cell perforation of high-voltage pulsed electric field. After the high-voltage pulsed electric field generated by the Nanoknife is applied to the cells, it causes the cell membrane to perforate. After the membrane is perforated to a certain extent, it causes the cell to disintegrate and die, so as to achieve the tumor ablation effect. At this stage, domestic Nanoknife clinical use of Nanoknife power supply comes from Wisman high-voltage power supply. Wisman high-voltage power supply researches and develops the key technology of Nanoknife high-voltage pulse power supply, and further explores the mechanism of Nanoknife. Through experimental modeling, it explored the synergistic effect of Nanoknife electromagnetic properties and targeted therapy, serving more than 20 domestic Nanoknife equipment manufacturers.








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