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    AMY high voltage amplifier

    Maximum output voltage(KV):40


    1. Output voltage: 0 to ±40 kV DC or peak AC

    2. Output current: 0 to ±15 mA DC or peak AC

    3. Conversion rate: greater than 350 V / μs

    4. Large signal bandwidth: DC to greater than 2.5kHz (-3dB)

    5. DC voltage gain: 4000 V / V

    6. Customers can customize by OEM

    7. Dynamic adjustment to optimize AC response for various load parameters

    8. Local and remote high voltage on/off function, short circuit protection

    9. Low output noise, closed loop system to ensure high accuracy

    10. Utilize complete solid-state design and maintenance-free design

    11. Prevent over-voltage and over-current conditions generated by active loads

    12. Drive capacitive load through four-quadrant output


Product introduction



Wismans high voltage amplifier AMY40R600, output voltage ±40kV, output current 15mA, type is a high voltage power amplifier, used in industrial and research applications. All solid-state high voltage insulation design can achieve high conversion rate, wide bandwidth and low noise operation. The four-quadrant active output sinks or outputs current to reactive or resistive loads within the entire output voltage range. This type of output is essential for achieving accurate output response and the high slew rate required for various loads, such as high capacitive or reactive loads. The amplifier is a non-inverting amplifier.


Four-quadrant output for driving capacitive loads

Closed loop system achieves high accuracy

Short circuit protection for equipment protection

All solid-state design, maintenance-free operation

DC stable programmable power supply application

Low output noise, providing ultra-precise output


Electrostatic deflection, electrophoresis, electrorheological fluid, electro-optical modulation, material polarization, AC or DC bias, ion beam steering, particle accelerator, mass spectrometer, material characterization, ferroelectric, atmospheric plasma, dielectric barrier discharge.


Input voltage: 220AC±10%


Input current: 10A


Output voltage: 0 ~ ±40kv DC or AC peak


Output current: 0 ~ ±15 mA DC or AC peak


Input voltage range: 0 to ±10 V DC or peak AC


Input impedance: 25kΩ


DC voltage gain: 4000V /V


DC voltage gain accuracy: better than 0.1% of full scale


DC offset voltage: less than ±4V


Output noise: less than 5V rms


Conversion rate: greater than 350 V /μs (generally 10% to 90%)


Large signal bandwidth: DC to greater than 1.4khz


Small signal bandwidth (-3 db): DC to greater than 20Hz (1% distortion)


Stability: less than 50ppm/hr, non-cumulative


Temperature coefficient: less than 25ppm /°C


Working temperature: temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)


Working humidity: 85% relative humidity, non-condensing


Maximum altitude: 2000 meters above sea level (6561.68 feet)


Dimensions: 1040 mm H x 430 mm W x 870mm D (41” H x 17” W x 34” D)


Weight: 90kg


Voltage display


Display ratio: 4000:1


DC accuracy is better than 0.1% of full scale


DC offset voltage is less than ±5 mV


Output noise is less than 20mv rms


Output impedance 47Ω


Current display


Display ratio: 1 V /5 mA


DC accuracy is greater than 0.5% of full scale


Offset voltage is less than ±10 mV


Output noise is less than 30mv


Output impedance 47Ω



For information concerning our high voltage products, please call at 086-029-33693480 or visit our website www.wismanhv.com

Wisman advances medical care, industrial processes, quality control, scientific research, security and telecommunications by providing innovative high voltage power supplies including micro-modules high voltage power supply, modules high voltage power supply, X-ray generator, rack mount voltage power supply, special customized high voltage power supply, high voltage accessories, etc. that enable equipment manufacturers to improve their systems’ performance, reliability, cost and bottom line. Power range from 100mW to 200kW, voltage range from 60V to 500kV. You can purchase multiple varieties and specifications in one-stop from us. We have a high-voltage power supply research and development team, high-voltage power supply development software and software for testing high voltage insulation technology and zero current resonance technology, making our high voltage power supplies maintain high stability, low ripple, excellent in EMC. Our products are compact, highly efficient with a long operating life.

Wisman high voltage power supplies are competitively priced and a great idea for OEM customers.


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